Neal's Yard Remedies Spring / Summer 2021 Issue 25

39 NYR ORGANIC CONFERENCE 2020 CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY June 2017 saw me finally join Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic – but only after I made my sister join first! I joined after falling in love with the products myself. I had been researching brands safe for my mum to use, and discovered they were also great for my daughter’s eczema. My first purchase was the Bee Lovely Nourishing kit. I still love this range. I have a passion for learning so quickly emersed myself in webinars and as much training as I could access. I soon saw I had joined an amazing team of inspiring people who were all ordinary people earning whilst they enjoyed sharing the products with others. I wasn't really looking for a business when I signed up but that is exactly what I have now. Having the ability to work, raise a family and study is still what I talk about at any party or event. I was a slow starter, watching, practising, learning, and to be honest I still do this. 2020 was challenging for many reasons, but to have the flexibility to take this business online has allowed me to quickly grow my team and my business. I love sharing my passion with my little team and loved celebrating my promotion to Team Leader with them in December. I must give a special thank you to my Group Leader, whose passion and patience has seen me through some tough times. Together 2021 will be amazing. Michelle Barker, Team Leader J O I N U S